Kmart store evacuated after trapped falcon starts swooping customers

A Kmart store in Sydney’s west was forced to close for around an hour on Friday morning after a rogue falcon became trapped in the store and swooped several customers.

The bird, identified as a peregrine falcon, had reportedly been stuck inside the Mt Druitt store since 4am and was finally released after a rescue operation involving the fire brigade and Sydney Wildlife volunteers.

One shopper told News Corp that staff started asking people to leave after the falcon – which was carrying a lorikeet in its talons – started swooping customers.

The bird was trapped in the store for hours, eventually causing customers to be evacuated. Source: Patricia Connolly/Facebook

“He is bloody huge!” Elyshia Cronin said.

“We got told to get out because he was swooping people. It wasn’t exactly the Christmas shopping trip I expected.”

Peregrine falcons are the fastest bird in the world – which made catching it a difficult task.

Firefighters managed to trap it in a women’s bathroom, allowing Sydney Wildlife volunteer Lana Wedgewood to put it in a blanket and remove it from the store.

Shoppers were told to leave the store after the falcon began swooping people. Source: Getty/File

Westfield Mt Druitt confirmed through Facebook that the store had reopened after ‘the presence of wildlife’, generating hundreds of comments from curious customers.

“Can we get a price check on a falcon please?” one person joked.

Others questioned if the evacuation was necessary – but one witness said the falcon had “huge claws, a huge wing span” and was “flying really low”.

Yahoo7 has contacted Sydney Wildlife for comment.