Kmart shopper's hack turns $1.75 kitchen item into cute outfit

From the kitchen to the bathroom, Kmart customers seem to have a hack for almost every room of the house, but this savvy shopper has taken it a step further, finding a "very cute" way of using a simple kitchen staple from the store.

Sharing her creation on social media, the mum showed off a pair of tiny overalls, which she made using Kmart's popular Food and Fun Icons tea towels. "Just thought I'd share a little Kmart hack I did this week," she wrote on a Kmart fans Facebook page. "I used four $1.75 tea towels and turned them into the cutest little pair of baby overalls."

Kmart tea towels
These adorable Kmart tea towels were given an upcycle thanks to one clever mum's creativity. Source: Facebook/TadahPatterns

Other mums who spotted her post could hardly believe she'd made the designer-lookalike kids' clothes using Kmart kitchen items for just $7.

"It's amazing what some people can do. They look very cute, well done," one shopper commented.

Meanwhile, others dubbed the pattern the perfect summer print, adding that her creation was "super clever".


The talented mum's post was quickly flooded with comments from people asking whether she would sell them a pair.

"Now that is super cute! I hope you're ready to take orders," one Kmart fan wrote, and another commented, "Oh that is gorgeous!! I would totally buy them if you sold them!"

The woman behind the design shared that while she doesn't make the items to sell, she does offer the patterns for sale through her small business, Tadah Patterns.

Kmart overalls
Who knew something so cute could be made from such a simple item? Photo: Facebook/TadahPatterns/L. Tolmie Harris

'Easy and simple upcycle'

The pattern maker creates fun and funky kid's clothing patterns for her 26,000 Facebook followers, making it easy for others to sew their own clothes like these overalls, the print of which she simply couldn't go past.

"I was wandering the aisles of Kmart the other day and these tea towels jumped out at me - how cute is that print!!" she explained.

"I grabbed 4 tea towels for these adorable little newborn overalls. It was such an easy and simple upcycle!"

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