Kmart shopper warns dog owners about 'choking hazard' in popular pet toy

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A Kmart customer has warned dog owners to be careful with the store's pet toys after her dog almost swallowed small pieces of plastic.

The shopper from Colac in Victoria took to Facebook to share her story, telling other pet owners to “be cautious” when purchasing cheap pet toys from the budget retailer.

“Just a heads up! If you have/want to buy this dog toy, just be cautious of the plastic pieces inside that make the toy crunchy,” she said in her post alongside an image of a toy string of sausages.

The shopper claims that the thin pieces of plastic had "easily" come out of the popular $5.50 Anko Rope Sausage Pet Toy after her dog chewed on it.

Kmart sausage pet toy; woman's hand holding a piece of plastic with pet dog in background
The Kmart shopper says she was happy she spotted the plastic pieces before her dog had a chance to consume any. Source: Facebook.

“Not sure what I thought it was inside that made it crunchy in the first place,” she added, before saying she was grateful she caught it “before pup swallowed a piece!”

She went on to say that the cheap toy could have resulted in a very hefty vet bill had her dog consumed the plastic.

It’s happened before

Fellow pet owners quickly responded to the shopper's post to say they had experienced similar issues with Kmart pet toys, labelling them "dangerous".

One woman said she had woken up to find plastic all over the bed from inside a gingerbread pet toy, while another said she had found the same problem with an elephant toy.

Plastic removed from Kmart pet toy
The Kmart shopper said her dog was able to chew this much plastic out of the pet toy. Source: Facebook

“Never buy dog toys at Kmart! They are so cheaply made and not worth the vet bill,” one person warned.

“I have stopped buying Kmart dog toys for over a year now, too many posts going around about them becoming choking hazards. Rather pay the extra money to ensure my dog's safety,” added another.

“Thank you for the post, I've always bought Kmart toys but now will only buy balls from there. Just shocking really,” said a third.

Others pointed out that most Kmart pet toys were classified as “light and cuddle only” and had a “chew-rating.”

“The Kmart toys are all chew-rated also. Usually one to five on the top right corner I think. I think one is light chewers and five is for really big chewers,” one person suggested.

Kmart offers up warnings

Meanwhile, a Kmart customer who had reviewed the toy said it wasn't suitable for bigger dogs.

“Perfect cuddle toy for a small puppy. Wouldn’t get it for any other dog,” he said.

Kmart website product page of dog sausage toy
The Kmart website includes warnings that customers should not allow their pet to chew the toy. Source: Kmart

The Kmart website does come with a caution about the toy, stating that it is “not a chew toy” and that “no pet toy is indestructible.”

The warning went on to say that a pet owner should “choose toys that reflect your pet's play style and follow usage instructions carefully.”

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