Kmart shopper's warning after air fryer discovery: 'No idea'

A Kmart shopper has shared a warning about popular air fryers after making a surprising discovery in her kitchen.

Taking to a popular Kmart Facebook group, the woman revealed she had placed a Kmart Round Terrazzo Tray underneath her air fryer to protect her stone bench top - but was shocked by what she then noticed.

kmart air fryer fail
A shopper had placed a Kmart plate under the airfryer. Photo: Facebook

"You hear all the horror stories about air fryers cracking benches (so glad I heard them)," she wrote.

"So I found this great terrazzo tray that matches my bench at Kmart, and it has cracked.

"But at least it isn’t the bench!"


There have been many instances of people sharing their own 'horror stories' online, but plenty of people still commented on the post saying they had 'no idea' the appliance could crack kitchen benches.

"OMG WHATTT? I had no idea!" one shocked shopper commented.

"Wow, I’ve never heard that! We use ours on a stone bench and I guess have just been lucky," another pointed out.

"Mine did this to the acrylic splash back. I didn’t realise it was sitting so far back on the bench," was another comment.

Kmart store in Burwood
The Air fryer is a popular buy from Kmart. Photo: Getty

Kmart's instruction manual for the popular item advises that the appliance should only be used on a “stable, horizontal, flat and heat resistant” surface.

It also says to "Keep the unit clear of walls, curtains and other heat sensitive materials". And most similar products have the same warnings.

It's definitely important to pay attention to where you place the airfryer, especially when it's in use, like this unlucky writer discovered when using my own Aldi version of the Air fryer.

I had it sitting too close to the window sill, and the hot air coming out of the back of the machine while cooking has left lovely bubbles in the paint work.

Yahoo Lifestyle air fryer fail
Make sure you don't push your air fryer too far back on the bench! Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

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