Kmart roasted over hilarious mistake: 'Funniest thing I've seen'

Kmart fans have savaged the retailer online after a mum received a peculiar item in the post.

The shopper revealed that she purchased a Pokémon smart watch for her son, but was sent the cardboard display item that is meant to be used in-store instead.

Two photos of a Kmart Pokémon smart watch on a white background
The Kmart shopper ordered a Pokémon smart watch online. Photo: Kmart

She shared a photo of the cardboard watch on a popular Facebook group and explained what had happened.

“Kmart, can you please tell your people who pack online orders a special hack hint from me. It’s really clever to put the actual item into the case instead of sending the cardboard display one,” she quipped.

The shopper had received her online order three weeks ago, but only just opened it to find the hilarious surprise. The Pokémon smart watch retails for $49 and was supposed to be a Christmas gift for her son.


“I’ve actually had the order for about three weeks in the back of my car. I’ve got it out now cause my kids are with their dad tonight. Thank god I hadn’t waited for a few more weeks haha,” she added.

She told other group members that she ‘had a few choice words’ when she opened the box, but can see the humour in it now. Group members found the mishap ridiculous and were quick to flood the post with comments.

L: Cardboard Kmart display of a Pokemon smart watch. R: Side view of a cardboard Kmart display of a Pokemon smart watch
The shopper was baffled to find a cardboard version of the item in her package. Photo: Facebook

“Omgggg I’m so sad for you but this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day,” one person wrote.

“Omg this is hilarious. Seriously they had one job (but sorry that happened to you),” agreed a second.

“At least you won’t need to replace batteries lol,” another quipped.

“That sucks big time but lucky you noticed it, couldn’t imagine the disappointment on Christmas morning or birthday if the kid unwrapped it and it was that,” a fourth pointed out.


Others also shared their own online order mixups, with many saying it was a ‘good reminder’ to double-check Christmas presents before the big day.

“Haha I purchased a stick vacuum once — got the vacuum but no charger…was a bit useless really,” a shopper commented.

“Hahaha we ordered games from JB Hi-Fi online and they sent us the display cases! Luckily we could prove that’s what they sent because it had ‘display’ case written on it,” a second added.

“This is why I hate online shopping, you end up going to the shop about their stuff up 50% of the time,” another chimed in.

The mum’s story had a happy ending, saying that Kmart was refunding her and she would reorder the item again. “I’m a person that sorts s**t out when required! I only posted this because I thought it was funny. Mistakes happen,” she wrote.

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