Kmart fans lose it over $29 shower caddy hack: 'This is brilliant'

A clever shopper has found the perfect way to display indoor plants on a budget.

A Queensland Kmart fan's "brilliant" idea for displaying indoor plants has taken off after she discovered a new way of using a popular Kmart bathroom product.

"For all those keen indoor planters, I have been dreaming of a vertical plant pole, but just couldn't justify the $140+ price tag," she posted on Facebook. "Hello telescopic spring-loaded shower caddy!"

Kmart shower caddy transformed into plant pole; Kmart shower caddy box
A creative shopper duplicated a $140 plant pole by using a $30 telescopic shower caddy from Kmart. Photo: Facebook

Fastening the $29 spring-loaded caddy between the floor and the ceiling, the Kmart shopper perfectly displayed four potted plants, placing each one on a caddy basket.


The pole can be extended to over three metres and according to the Kmart website, each shelf can hold up to two kilos, making it the ideal plant pole for an indoor garden oasis.

Fellow Kmart fans were grateful for the hack, with her post fetching over 1,000 likes in less than 24 hours. "OMG I saw one for about $140 too and couldn't justify the price... this is brilliant," one shopper commented. "I need this in my life! Actually, we need two!" added a second, and a third wrote, "This is the best hack I've seen on this site!"

Kmart shower caddy transformed into plant pole in bathroom
Another person quickly jumped on the bandwagon, painting her Kmart shower caddy black before installing it in her bathoom. Photo: Facebook

One fan was so motivated by the idea she showed off her own version within a day of seeing the original post. "Yes, Yes, Yes! A massive thank you for this idea! I have been looking for months for something to fill the void in my bathroom and add a little life. I just gave the caddy a quick paint with black to suit our fittings and ta-da!" the excited shopper wrote alongside pics of her new-look bathroom.

But while the hack is new, vertical plant poles aren't. Several Kmart fans were surprised to see the idea trending again, adding the idea took them back to when plant poles were a decor hit in the '80s.

Despite the popularity of the plant pole, some cheeky people couldn't get past its similarity to something a little less wholesome. "I thought was a stripper pole. I'm sorry I will put myself in time-out," one person joked, while another quipped that it's a "stripper pole, but for plants".

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