This Kmart fact is blowing people's minds

For many of us, Kmart was our one-stop shop for all our Christmas decorations this year, but now a mind-boggling fact about Kmart goods has come to our attention and we can’t get over it.

And if you’ve been shopping in the store’s homewares, kids’ toys or workout ranges for the past few years, then your mind will be blown by this as well.

One mum took to a Facebook group to share her discovery after she realised something on her Kmart coffee mug looked a lot different than before.

Shocked Heidi Klum GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Shocked Heidi Klum GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

“Making my coffee this morning and out of nowhere it hits me,” the woman started her post.

“Kmart changed their branding from Kids&Co, Pets&Co, Active&Co right? Changed it to ANKO?”

She went on to ask others if she’s right and if Kmart simply removed the first word and ‘called them all &Co and changed the spelling’.

“Now I’m sure I’m the last to catch on to that but it’s had me giggling for half an hour,” she said.

It turns out the woman isn’t the last to catch on as others have just realised the exact same thing.

“I read this on the Kmart website the other day my mind was blown,” one person said.

“ANKO…A New Kind Of. At first, I thought they’d brought in a new line of stuff but nope turns out they are just unifying their brand lines,” another person said.

Kmart clarifies online that the label change only related to Kmart branded goods. Photo: Getty Images
Kmart clarifies online that the label change only related to Kmart branded goods. Photo: Getty Images

One woman said her son works in Kmart and she didn’t even know the brand is now called ANKO.

“That makes perfect sense. I bought mugs the other day and had washed them and on the bottom it had Anko. I didn’t pay much attention but now it makes sense,” another person said.

Kmart details the change in branding on its website, stating: ‘Anko is an evolution of our existing product brands Home&Co, Kids&Co, Clothing&Co and Active&Co’.

“Anko product is the same great product found at Kmart with a new name.”

They also clarify that the packaging change only relates to Kmart branded products.

Who knew?!

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