Kiwi woman shares 'obvious' distinction between New Zealand and Aussie accent

The woman said she can't understand how the two accents get confused and claims one is more 'posh'.

The woman speaking on TikTok (left) and swimmers inside the Bronte pool in Sydney (right).
The woman from New Zealand claims the Kiwi accent is more 'posh than the Aussie one. Source: TikTok and Getty

A woman from New Zealand claims there is one simple difference between the Aussie and Kiwi accent which foreigners should listen out for if they're trying to determine which country someone is from. And it's fair to say it's divided opinions, igniting the age-old debate on the two accents.

The Kiwi woman believes if someone wants to pinpoint whether a person is from Australia or New Zealand all they have to figure out is if they sound "posh" or not — and there lies the answer.

"I just can't believe the international community can't tell the difference between a New Zealand and Australian accent because it's so obvious," she said online. "New Zealanders are posh and if you don't believe me, listen...".

She then went on to say the words prance and dance, as well as the name Lance, with her imitation of Aussie pronunciation having an obvious drawl, unlike her own Kiwi accent.

"The difference between the New Zealand and Australian accent is huge… just don't ask me to say fish and chips," she said.

As is always the case when the two countries are compared, the video opened the floodgates, and opinions about the woman's theory began to spill into the comments.

One Kiwi admitted she couldn't tell which accent someone had "half the time" while living in Australia, while others were adamant they could pinpoint exactly how to flag the difference.

"To me, the New Zealand accent always sounds like Australian but with a cold," one said, while another confessed they always listen out for the difference in E and I sounds. "I just listen for the pen pin, ten tin [difference]. It's easy to notice a Kiwi accent," another Aussie said.

While techniques were discussed, there was the odd sly comment thrown in there about which accent was the better of the two, with the woman who started the debate claiming there's nothing wrong with some "healthy sibling rivalry" to keep things interesting between the countries.

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