Kitten finds 'furr-ever home' after being found in snow-covered ditch

An adorable kitten who was found buried in a snow-covered ditch has found his “furrever home” with the hero police officer who saved him.

Wisconsin police officer Matt Froiseth was trying to catch a glimpse of the blood moon on Sunday night when he heard a faint noise coming from the snowbank on the edge of a nearby highway.

After digging a few feet down, he saw two frightened eyes staring back at him.

He dug the little kitten out of the snow and cradled him back to his car where he warmed up while he took a nap with his new best friend.

Officer Matt Froiseth found the frightened and cold kitten covered under a layer of snow. Image: Facebook/Platteville Police Department
The little guy has made himself right at home with his new best mate. Image: Facebook/Platteville Police Department

After the rescue, the little kitten was due to be taken to the Plateville Vet Clinic but that proved to be more difficult than first thought .

He wouldn’t leave Officer Froiseth’s side and apparently the heroic cop felt the same way.

“After some serious thought, Officer Froiseth couldn’t say ‘no’ and has added to his family,” the Platteville Police Department announced on Facebook.

“This little cutie has found its furrever home.”

The caring cop has been praised on social media for saving the little kitten’s life.

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