I Kissed a Girl narrator explains what gives the series an edge

charley marlowe
I Kissed a Girl narrator explains show's edge Joe Maher - Getty Images

I Kissed a Girl narrator Charley Marlowe has explained why she thinks the BBC Three reality show has an "edge".

The all-female follow-up to last year’s I Kissed a Boy officially kicks off tonight (May 5), with returning host Dannii Minogue overseeing a new batch of singletons as they attempt to find their match at an Italian masseria.

Ahead of its launch, new narrator Marlowe praised the series for giving the cast a "safe space to be themselves", adding that this aspect "gives it that edge".

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"Of course, they're looking for love, for relationships, friendship, ideally a partner, but it's the fact they can go in there [and] explore on their own terms," she shared during a new interview with RadioTimes.com.

"If they don't like it, they can leave on their own terms. I think that's what makes it unique."

The TikTok comedian continued: "I think, often in a lot of the reality shows that we see, [it] is kind of false and they say that, you know, 'Carry this on, this storyline, let's get as much drama as possible there.'

charley marlowe
Joe Maher - Getty Images

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"Yeah, everyone wants a little bit of a drama. Everyone wants, like, a little fight now and again, but it's not all that, which I just think is lovely.

"Just the fact that they all have got a safe space to be themselves. I think that's what gives it that edge."

Marlowe took over as narrator from Strictly Come Dancing's Layton Williams, who previously said he would step back from I Kissed a Girl so a queer woman could step into the voiceover booth instead.

The first two episodes of I Kissed a Girlwill be available to watch on BBC iPlayer on Sunday, May 5. Episodes will air on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday night at 9pm.

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