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Kiss FM's Harriet Rose: My first ever Pride parade

Despite being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Kiss FM’s Harriet Rose had never been to a Pride parade until now

Video transcript

- I'm so excited for my first Pride parade, because I just don't know what to expect. I've never been to a Pride parade, because I'm always working, and this year, finally, I am here, and I am so excited, because I feel like this is the most iconic UK pride event. Brighton is where it's at. There's a big, big, huge LGBTQ+ community here, and I can't wait to just get in amongst them.

I've been out for a long time, but I wasn't, like, super proud of being out. For a long while, I didn't feel part of the community, so it's a bit nerve-wracking, because it's my first time really immersing myself in such an important part of queer culture, because it is so important that we celebrate Pride, because there are still so many injustices, and so many mistreatments of the queer community, the LGBTQ+ community, and, in that sense, I'm a bit nervous, because I don't want to cry. But maybe I'll cry with happiness. Let's hope it's a happiness cry, not a sadness cry.


I can't believe I'm actually in the Pride parade. This is my first ever Pride, and I'm on the actual parade, walking. People are probably like, who is that girl? Well, I don't even care!


First impressions, it's better than I expected, by a million miles. We're in the gayest city in the UK, being the gayest we could possibly be. What more could you want? It's my vehicle. Even the driver is having a great time! That's the kind of energy you're bringing to Brighton Pride today, and I love it.

It's my first Pride.

Babe, it's my first Pride!


Oh, my God, the guides! The Girl Guides of Pride! Yes, Guides off Pride! Yes! Yes! Yes ! I used to be in the Guides! I was chucked out, but don't worry about it.


What's your favorite thing you know you're going to get when you come to a pride celebration?

- Well, we know that we're going to see an incredible diversity of LGBTQ+ people. We are many different shapes, sizes, colors, races, whatever, but we are all, together, united in the demand for LGBTQ+ freedom.

- Tell me a little bit about what Brighton Pride means to you. Like, what's the vibe?

- So, for me, it's just all about inclusivity, like, everyone just coming together, celebrating, everyone just coming together and having a good time.

- What about you, babe? How excited are you for today?

- I am so excited for today. It's my favorite day.

- The vibe is so good! It's the rainbow. Sorry! Because I want a family, and that's just nice, and now it's gone quiet.

Wow! That was my first ever Pride, and it couldn't have been better. I laughed, I cried, I went through a genuine roller coaster of emotions, because it's such a beautiful event. Everyone was so happy, having such a good time, and I will be back. You're not getting rid of me now, hun. I'm gonna be here every year. This is an incredible event. If you haven't been yet, honestly, you have to come down. I met some of the most incredible people today. All I've got to say is happy Pride, everybody!