Kindergarten teacher accused of forcing young girl to eat poo

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A kindergarten is under investigation after the mother of a three-year-old student reportedly accused a teacher of forcing her daughter to eat faeces from the bathroom.

The public security bureau and education bureau in the Chinese city of Kunming have stepped in after the police were informed a staff member at the BinBin Early Education centre allegedly beat the child and forced her to eat excrement, The Paper reported.

She said her daughter said the alleged incident came about after she behaved badly in the kindergarten.

An image of the kindergarten's exterior.
The kindergarten says it will comment on the matter once investigations have concluded. Source: Dazhong/ Weibo

The child's mother says her daughter told her of the incident on May 23, prompting her to call the teacher allegedly responsible, who denied the claim. 

The daughter informed the mother again the following morning, with the parent then calling police. 

Police attended the kindergarten where two other students concurred with the child's claims, the mother said, according to Dazhong.

The girl's mother says she believes her daughter and that she is never untruthful.

A stock image of a kindergarten's bathroom.
The child claims she was punished for not behaving in the kindergarten. Source: Getty, file.

The kindergarten has declined to comment pending the results of the ongoing investigation, according to The Paper.

The story began to gain traction online in China on Thursday, with many users on Twitter-like site Weibo expressing their disbelief over the claims.

Some called for severe punishment for the teacher responsible if the investigation found the claims were correct.

"This is seriously abnormal," one person wrote.

"This is terrible if true," another said.

Another said the alleged claim is "perverted".

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