'We were disheartened': Generous offer to family fined over basketball hoop

A Sunshine Coast family who were fined over their portable basketball hoop has received a kind-hearted offer.

Brightwater father Trent Robinson was hit with a $650 fine by council for installing the hoop outside his home for his family and neighbourhood children to enjoy.

As of Wednesday, he was yet to pay the fine.

Vuly Play has given a Sunshine Coast family who were fined $650 over the placement of their basketball hoop a number of free balls. Source: Supplied to Yahoo News Australia

However, Vuly Play, the company who made the hoop, has surprised the family with a number of free basketballs in a show of support.

The company’s spokesman Lee Bermingham said in a statement Vuly Play would also offer to move the hoop and will help Mr Robinson dispute the fine.

He added if the family could not avoid the fine Vuly Play would pay it.

“We were disheartened to hear that Trent was facing a fine for doing something that was creating community spirit and bringing neighbourhood kids together,” Mr Bermingham said.

Kids play hoops on the street. Source: Supplied/ Trent Robinson

“We hope this keeps the kids in the cul-de-sac shooting hoops with all their mates.”

Councillor Christian Dickson told Yahoo News Australia on Wednesday he would meet with the family to discuss the fine and would encourage Mr Robinson to appeal it.

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