Kind gesture from police called to home with boy screaming 'Tick Tock'

Fighting jet lag can be a real struggle and very often it turns parents with young children off travelling altogether.

But one Melbourne family had been attempting to get their body clocks back to normal when their “inconsolable” and “unreasonable” child attracted the attention of neighbours.

Bernadette Collins shared the story of what she described as their “single most mortifying moment as parents” on Facebook.

“We’ve all been struggling with jet lag since returning from Scotland. No one more than Joseph, who spent most of the night before last screaming, inconsolable, making unreasonable and incomprehensible demands of a “robohat” and a “tick tock”.”

Ms Collins said they had no idea what the three-year-old was talking about or what he meant by “tick tock”.

But after trying to calm Joseph down for hours, the “defeated and exhausted” family were greeted by police on their doorstep.

“They had received reports of a terrible commotion coming from our house,” Ms Collins recalled on Facebook.

A mother has praised police for leaving her son a gift after they were called to her house. Photo: Facebook

She said they had to explain to the police that they had just returned from overseas and told them about Joseph’s demands.

One officer suggested “he probably means Tic Toc biscuits,” before offering to go and pick some up for them.

Ms Collins said she told the officer not to worry and apologised.

“By 5am, we eventually got Joseph to sleep, feeling like the worst neighbours and most negligent parents in the world,” she wrote.

Ms Collins said they had no idea what he was talking about or what he meant by “tick tock”. Photo: Facebook

The next day, she found Constable McDonald had left a packet of Tic Toc biscuits on their doorstep.

He wrote: “Hope you all got some sleep! All the best”

Social media users have praised the Constable’s actions, with one saying he is “Clever, caring and looking after the community”

“Well that is going above and beyond, how thoughtful, seems like he has experienced a similar situation,” another wrote.