'So disrespectful': Fans criticize Kim Kardashian for dressing 'trashy' during visit to the Vatican

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Kim Kardashian is in hot water for "dressing inappropriately" during her visit to the Vatican.

On Monday, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star was photographed touring Vatican City wearing a sheer, white, cutout, off-the-shoulder gown by Barragán.

While she covered her upper half with a black, leather coat during the Sistine Chapel leg of the tour, photos of the 40-year-old's ensemble have not been well-received on social media.

"Besides the disrespect, just LOOK at how the dress doesn't even fit! The waist is obviously for a MUCH longer torso. If you have to wear a screaming "look at me" outfit while inside the Vatican, you have serious issues," one Twitter user sounded off.

"Do you want to know how far we've fallen as a civilization? Kim Kardashian wore this to the Vatican. And no one stopped her from going inside," another added. "This is disrespectful and inappropriate."

"Kimmy, have you no decency? We understand you are decorum absent, but must you find it necessary to parade your assets in this manner at the VATICAN? Disrespectful," another tweeted.

"Girl, what?! To the Vatican?" asked someone else. "If you don’t dress properly when you visit the Vatican you aren't showing respect. Is it because you are so rich you think you can do whatever you like? You are a disrespectful person."

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"Italy is an extremely religious country. They are also very protective of their culture, and therefore, showing this kind of disrespect is gross. She may have worn a coat in the chapel, but she could’ve just worn a different outfit," one person pointed out.

"I don’t care about religion, but why would you go to the VATICAN dressed like this?" commented another.

Others argued that Kardashian should be allowed to wear "whatever she wants," that women having to dress modestly in religious spaces is "outdated" and "sexist," and that no one should be defending Catholicism for a number of unrelated reasons.

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"The Vatican's still openly homophobic. So I don't care? It's still pride. I thought religion learned that we don't care," one user chimed in.

"The Catholic Church covers up child sex abuse," someone tweeted. "They can shove the dress code up their a—."

Another person pointed out that the dress code at the Vatican is surprisingly loose. "I've been to the Vatican, tourists wear whatever they want, there are no strict dress codes," they wrote.

"Kim, I saw what you wore to the Vatican and I just wanted to say... You go, girl. F—- the church and their outdated, sexist views on what women are allowed to wear. The expectation that women have to be modest in order to respect religion is the epitome of misogyny. Women SHOULD dress unapologetically at all times. Anyone that sides with religion on this, claiming that it's "disrespectful" to show skin in a place of religious practice is fully sexist and is masking it in the name of respecting religion," someone commented via Instagram.

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