Kim Kardashian Transformed Her Entire House For Halloween, And It's Terrifying

Whether you love her or not, I think we all can agree: no one does Halloween like Kim Kardashian.

Kim at the met gala in a sequined dress
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I mean, the girl goes all out.

her in a pearl chain dress
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Remember last year's skeleton theme?

She had these weird, creepy trees.

tree made of skeletons

This graveyard with zombie hands rising from the ground.

closeup of the mannequin hands

It was sick.

kim taking a photo from the car with the window only halfway rolled down
Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images

Well, Kim didn't disappoint this year, either!

Here's what her house looks like from the outside:

tree trunks covered in skeletons

As you can see, she brought back those custom skeleton trees...

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...and the infamous graveyard of hands.

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Then when you get to the door, she has this archway decorated with even more skulls and bones.

closeup of the skeletons in the archway

That opens into this dimly lit hallway. Last year, it was lined with mummies, but this year, Kim chose ghouls.

life-sized ghouls standing throughout the hallway

At the end of the hall, there's that same spooky artwork that looks like a moon or portal to some other dimension but is actually a piece by James Turrell.

light beam at the end of the hall

Then in the back, she has an actual haunted house.

creepy run down haunted house with a picket fence

Kim doesn't take us inside, so who knows what dangers lurk in the fog.

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But honestly, thank God!