Kim Kardashian thinks she only has a decade left of 'looking good' on camera

Kim Kardashian thinks she will only "look good" for the next 10 years.

The 43-year-old reality star has recently dabbled in the world of acting with a part in 'American Horror Story' and 'The Fifth Wheel' but while she still has aspirations to continue that aspect of her career, she believes that time is limited before her Botox will limit her abilities.

Speaking on Thursday's (20.06.24) episode of 'The Kardashians', she said: "I wasn't planning on this career, and I was like, 'OK, I'm not gonna get ahead of myself here. I'm really nervous about it, because I have to f******* deliver.... Every year I want to do something that makes me so uncomfortable that I really have to challenge myself. I feel like you need less Botox for more emotion, and I do not have that. How am I gonna be scared? How am I gonna cry?"

"I can do a movie a year. I've got about 10 years where I still look good, so that's all I've got in me, and then I'll take some time off."

The SKIMS founder has previously hit back at her critics, arguing that her talent lies in "marketing and the business behind selling products".

Asked about her talents and the keys to her success, Kim explained to Interview Magazine: "I’m like, 'Well, we have a TV show.' But just because we’re not singing and dancing and acting on the show doesn’t mean that the fame didn’t come from that.

"But then, I would write that as a hashtag, not bad for a girl with no talent, because people used to be like, 'Well, what do you do? What’s your talent?' And I’m like, 'Didn’t know I needed one.'

"I mean, I can give you a million f****** talents. I can cook well, use my toes for anything. I could tell you the weirdest f****** s*** on the planet. But I think my talent is marketing and the business behind selling products and knowing what the customer wants and making it feel attainable, but also a bit unattainable at the same time.

"I wouldn’t say that’s a talent. I think it’s a bit of magic and business savvy. Maybe it is talent, I don’t know."