Kim Kardashian meets the woman she helped to free from prison

A week after being released from prison, Alice Marie Johnson came face-to-face for the first time with Kim Kardashian West and thanked her for the pivotal role she played in getting President Trump to commute her life sentence.

The two had an emotional meeting before sitting down for their first joint interview since Johnson’s release from a federal prison.

The 63-year-old inmate had served more than 21 years for nonviolent charges related to drug possession and money-laundering.

Kardashian found out about Johnson on social media and took her quest to have her pardoned all the way to the White House.

On May 30, the 37-year-old met with President Trump in person in the Oval Office. Following their meeting, on June 6, Trump commuted Johnson’s life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense, enabling her to be released from prison.

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