Kim Kardashian to executive produce new Netflix show

Kim Kardashian is set to executive produce a new Netflix series.

The 43-year-old beauty has joined forces with Emma Roberts, her showbiz pal, to help to make a new series called 'Calabasas'.

During an appearance on 'The Spotlight With Jessica Shaw', Emma shared: "Kim and I are executive producing a show for Netflix called 'Calabasas'.

"We have the amazing Marlene King, who did 'Pretty Little Liars' as our showrunner. I'm obsessed with her and 'Pretty Little Liars'. I remember seeing that show and being like, 'I wish I was on that show.' It was just so cool and so fun."

Emma, 33, is hugely excited about the project. However, she's trying her best to remain tight-lipped about the series.

Speaking about the new show, Emma said: "I mean, there's not really much I can share other than I just feel like I want, you know, the next, 'The O.C.' and I think that if we do this right, it'll be a little 'The O.C.', a little 'Pretty Little Liars'.

"Kim and I are just two Calabasas girls going back to our roots."

Emma and Kim previously worked together on 'American Horror Story'.

The actress subsequently admitted that she relished the experience of working with Kim.

Emma told 'Extra': "She’s amazing, she’s a pro. She’s one of the most prepared people I’ve ever worked with and she’s just chill. I love her so much!"

Kim actually took some acting lessons before she appeared on the TV show.

The reality star also insisted that she was fully committing herself to the project.

Asked if she was taking acting lessons, Kim told Variety: "I am, of course. It's a challenge. I like to challenge myself."