Killer stepdad seeks bail for appeal bid

Sarah Motherwell

A man who stabbed his stepdaughter in the heart while she was watching TV is seeking to be released from prison as he appeals over his murder conviction.

Raymond John Mead was last year found guilty by a jury of killing 23-year-old Sherelle Locke in February 2014 at her mother's Boronia Heights house.

His Brisbane Supreme Court trial heard Ms Locke was pinned down on the sofa and grabbed by the throat before Mead plunged a knife 27cm deep into her chest.

Mead then turned on his partner Marlene Locke, who could do nothing as she watched her daughter bleed to death.

"All I could see was her out the corner of my eye begging me for help until she wasn't talking any more," Mrs Locke told the court.

Mead was sentenced in November to life in prison and ordered to serve 20 years and six months behind bars before being allowed to apply for parole.

Justice Ann Lyons stated the 52-year-old's actions were "cowardly" and "reprehensible" and he that he had shown no remorse.

Mead is now seeking to be released on bail as he prepares for an appeal hearing in October.

The court heard on Tuesday that Mead continues to proclaim his innocence and filed numerous documents with the court that include allegations of perjury and memory loss.

The bail hearing was adjourned to Friday to allow the prosecution time to read the new material.