Killer of sex worker has appeal dismissed


A man who killed a Sydney sex worker by slitting her throat and bashing her with her own stiletto shoe has lost a bid to have his conviction overturned.

Chungaung Piao was found guilty of murdering Tina Fang, whose body was found in a room at Adelaide's Grand Chancellor Hotel on New Year's Day, 2015.

The Court of Criminal appeal unanimously rejected his bid to overturn the conviction on Thursday ordering Piao to continue to serve his minimum 25-year jail sentence.

Piao, who owned a cleaning business and was married with a young son, was Ms Fang's final client but did not have enough money to pay for her services and CCTV footage had shown him running from the hotel on the night of her death.

In sentencing in the Supreme Court Justice David described the murder as "brutal and opportunistic".

The judge said there was no evidence the crime was premeditated and Piao's motive was unclear but there was money missing from the room.

He said Piao's bank accounts had been overdrawn and he had owed money to someone who had allegedly threatened him.

"This was a vicious and senseless crime," Justice Lovell said.

"A young lady who did you no harm senselessly murdered."

Piao had appealed on the grounds that his conviction was unsound on the evidence presented and particularly objected to the admission of text messages sent and received by the dead woman.

But the appeal court found the trial judge had not erred and that, on the whole of the evidence, it was open to the jury to conclude that Piao was guilty.