Killer dad's final phone call to family before horrific crime

A friend of the family of a Brisbane mum killed by her estranged husband has revealed the killer’s final phone call to her before he committed his horrific crime.

Rowan Baxter ambushed the car of his estranged wife Hannah Clarke and her three kids Aaliyah, 6, Laianah, 4, and Trey, 3, last Wednesday in Camp Hill.

He set the car alight and then took his own life, stabbing himself through the chest. The children died at the scene and their 31-year-old mum died in hospital hours later.

Hannah Clarke holds her son Trey. Both were killed by Rowan Baxter. Source: Facebook

Simon Farmer, a friend of the family, told ABC’s 7.30 program Baxter had FaceTimed his children the night before he killed them.

Mr Farmer told the program Ms Clarke had noticed a “heightened level of emotion” in Baxter who was “very emotional, very upset”.

“He’s crying. I don’t know when something like that happens whether there’s a number for her to call and go you might want to intervene here,” Mr Farmer told the program.

“You might want to go and send someone around or ring him, preferably not a police officer with a badge but maybe some sort of support service at that point when she’s noticed, I have a bloke unravelling here and he might be getting closer to the edge.”

It's believed Baxter doused his family in fuel and lit them on fire. Source: 7News

‘Very jealous and spiteful’

People who knew Baxter said he was controlling of his estranged wife.

The killer’s cousin Sandra Taylor told Nine News on Saturday that Baxter had a skewed view of women.

“Not that I’m saying Rowan is a victim, but Rowan has been raised by a father and his father and his father — and it goes onwards — that women are two things: to be the house cleaner and to be a prostitute,” she told the program.

Ms Clarke’s mum Suzanne told Nine’s A Current Affair her estranged son-in-law was “evil”.

Baxter with his three children Laianah, Aaliyah and Trey and estranged wife Hannah. Source: AAP

The family claims Baxter stalked Ms Clarke through her mobile phone and knew where she was at all times.

She claims her daughter “wasn’t allowed to wear bikinis” and despite working in the fitness industry was told not to wear shorts.

Baxter was controlling and manipulative, and “it was Rowan’s way or the highway,” she said.

Baxter FaceTimed the children the night before they all died. Source: Facebook

Ms Clarke's brother Nathaniel said his sister had confided in him, saying it seemed Baxter couldn't handle the success of his partner.

"He was a very jealous and spiteful person," he said.

"He managed to drive a wedge between us ... it was just all manipulated."

Friends and family have called Baxter manipulative and controlling. Source: Facebook

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