Bail denied for son accused of Qld kidnap

A man accused of kidnapping has had a bail bid knocked back as police allege evidence of planning in the disappearance of his mother.

Wheelchair-bound with visible marks to his head, Slade Murdok sat quietly for the majority of his bail application in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The 30-year-old was on bail for unrelated offences when he was arrested and charged in relation to the disappearance of his mother, Wendy Sleeman, the court heard.

Queensland police on Thursday night said they believe they found Ms Sleeman's body in the back of a car on Brisbane's north side.

The 61-year-old had been missing since she contacted police on Tuesday.

'Tragically, the body of a woman we believe to be Wendy was found inside the vehicle. This is a devastating outcome for her loved ones and our thoughts remain with them,' Superintendent Brendan Smith said.

A crime scene was declared at an Elanora home earlier in the week after a large amount of blood was found at the property.

But Murdok's lawyer Rodney Keyte said the case against his client was weak despite the seriousness of the charges, which included domestic violence-related counts of kidnapping, assault, stalking and attempted arson.

Based on the circumstantial evidence, Mr Keyte said he highly doubted the case would make it past the committal stage and questioned what tied his client to the scene.

In opposing bail, police prosecutors argued they had a "very strong and very powerful" case against Murdok.

Officers found a pool of blood on the bathroom floor and drag marks along the floor, indicating the victim was bleeding heavily and unconscious, prosecutors said.

Ms Sleeman feared for her own safety and believed Murdok might try to kill her as recently as January 23, the court heard.

Evidence gathered so far point to the events at the property being planned, Det Supt Smith told reporters.

Ms Sleeman had called police after discovering a disturbance at her home on Tuesday afternoon.

"She came home from work, and the house had been given some forced entry, and she noticed some damage," Det Supt Smith said.

By the time police arrived 30 minutes later, Ms Sleeman was missing.

Officers were unable to intercept a vehicle that was leaving the property at speed and went back to the property where they could smell petrol and see smoke, the court was told.

The scene indicated there had been violence involved in the disappearance, while there was also evidence of a fire that had started but was extinguished.

Murdok had earlier allegedly gone to the school where his mother worked, but Mr Keyte contested the certainty of his identification.

Murdok was refused bail and the case against him was adjourned for mention on February 14.