Khloe Kardashian tells Kendall Jenner she is 'wasting her life' without children

Khloe Kardashian has joked that Kendall Jenner is "wasting her life" without children.

The 39-year-old reality star is mother to six-year-old daughter True, and 21-old-month son Tatum with her former partner Tristan Thompson and when asked which member of her family she would switch places with, opted for her half-sister Kendall, 28, as she joked she should embracing her life with no responsibilities.

Speaking on Thursday's (13.06.24) episode of 'The Kardashians', she said: "I’m going to be a supermodel, going around town hooking up with this person — not that Kendall does that, but I would be doing that — hooking up with every f****** person!

"Drunk as a skunk, no kids, no responsibilities.

"'Oh, I am a f****** supermodel with my Dobermann and a f****** tequila bottle for breakfast!'

"I would do it every day. Leave that man wherever I f***** him last!

"She definitely doesn't do any of those things and that's why she's wasting her life. You're wasting it, Kendall. Let me be you for a second!"

Kendall is the only member of her immediate family to not have children at this moment in time but recently admitted that she has always admired supermodel Christy Turlington and her approach to her career and hopes to follow in her footsteps by making sure her personal life stays a priority.

She Vogue magazine: "I spent a lot of time looking at her face as a kid. She seemed so calm and collected. I really appreciated her energy through it all. And it feels like life outside modelling and family were really important to her.

"Relationships mean so much to me, and I can’t wait to have a life with someone one day, to have kids, to create a family. Christy just gives good vibes. Maybe she cared a little bit less! I think that’s really cool.”

The former 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star has also claimed that she is "excited" to one day be a mother but doesn't feel as if now is exactly the right time for that.

She told WSJ: "I'm excited for that time in my life. I just know it's not right now."