Kharkiv suffers extensive land contamination as fuel leak pollutes over 10,000 square meters following Russian oil depot strike

Kharkiv after the strike of the Russian Federation
Kharkiv after the strike of the Russian Federation

A Russian attack on an oil depot in Kharkiv on Feb. 10 led to a significant fuel leak, contaminating over 10,000 square meters of land, Serhiy Bolvinov, head of the National Police's Investigative Department, said on Feb. 12 to Gvara Media.

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The destruction of the depot resulted in the leakage of approximately 3,800 tons of fuel, spreading diesel and gasoline into the soil and the Nemyshlya river nearby. The State Environmental Inspection of Kharkiv Oblast has been engaged to assess the extent of the contamination, with soil and water samples being analyzed for pollutants.

"This is a tragedy for Kharkiv and its region," Bolvinov said, noting the loss of seven lives, including a family of five and two seniors, as direct consequences of the Russian aggression. "These are huge losses, with Russia deliberately causing destruction, death, and suffering."

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The incident is currently under investigation as a violation of the laws of war, with potential charges of ecocide being considered due to the environmental damage caused.

In addition to the environmental catastrophe, the strike had devastating human consequences. Olha Putyatina, a 35-year-old prosecutor and mother on maternity leave, perished alongside her husband and three sons in the attack. Another married couple was killed, and three more individuals were injured in the ensuing fires that destroyed approximately fifteen homes.

The airstrikes, carried out by three drones on the night of Feb. 10, marked another tragic event in the ongoing conflict, causing widespread destruction and loss in Kharkiv.

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