Kharkiv attack: SES and police team up in rescue efforts

Consequences of Russian attack on Kharkiv
Consequences of Russian attack on Kharkiv

A video showing Ukrainian emergency services responding to the aftermath of a Russian missile attack on Kharkiv was shared by Ukraine's Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko on Telegram on May 23.

"Emergency services, as always, are the first to arrive at the scene of the attack," stated Klymenko. In the footage, the State Emergency Service (SES) can be seen battling a large-scale fire and, alongside the police, conducting rescue operations for victims.

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Klymenko reported that the attacks resulted in seven deaths and 17 injuries within Kharkiv Oblast on that day alone. He expressed deep gratitude towards the responders: “I am grateful to everyone who helps people, tames the flames, and records Russia's latest war crimes," the Interior Minister added.

He further commended the resilience of these individuals, saying, "I am grateful to our heroes for their resilience in confronting the insidious enemy."

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Russian strikes on Kharkiv and oblast on May 23

On the afternoon of May 23, Russia launched massive strikes on Kharkiv and the towns of Zolochiv and Lubotyn in Kharkiv Oblast, with at least 15 hits reported.

According to Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov, in Kharkiv, the Russian army attacked transport infrastructure and a unit of municipal enterprise that is vital for the city.

Seven people killed in Kharkiv were employees of a printing house, presumably Vivat. They were at their workplaces at the time of attack.

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