Khameini questions nuclear deal if US out

The fate of a deal keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons has suffered another major blow as Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the deal's further survival makes little sense now that the US has exited.

"There's no logic to staying in the deal if the EU trio can't guarantee its implementation," he said on Wednesday, lashing out at pledges by moderate President Hassan Rouhani and the leaders of Britain, France and Germany, who said they would try to keep the deal alive without the US.

Khamenei also questioned the logic of trusting the three European countries, noting that they are all US allies.

The cleric, who has the final say on Iran's strategic decisions, also called US President Donald Trump a liar who made a fool of himself with Wednesday's decision to exit the deal.

"Even after Trump's death and decomposition, the Islamic system will still exist," he said, in comments reported by the Isna news agency.