KFC customer sparks debate over 'disgusting mess' in restaurant: 'Never again'

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A KFC customer has slammed the fast-food chain over the "disgusting" state of a store south of Sydney.

The woman shared a video to her local community Facebook group, showing inside the newly renovated Albion Park restaurant, declaring it was the first and last time she will be visiting after finding crumbs "all over the tables" and "drinks spilt all over the floors".

"Went in to buy some chips and while I was waiting I took a short video of the disgusting mess," she began the post.

Two screen shots of dirt, grime and crumbs on the floor and a table at the Albion Park KFC restaurant
An angry KFC customer has filmed the "disgusting mess" she encountered at the Albion Park store. Source: Facebook/S. Morgan

In the short clip, rubbish is seen on dirty floor tiles along with marks on the tables.

"At the end of the video on the floor outside the door there is ingrained dirt that looks like it's been there for months," the woman posted.

"Never going there again."

Viewers unimpressed with state of restaurant

Fellow Facebook users were also sickened by what they saw.

"It definitely needs a good deep clean," one woman agreed.

"It IS pretty grotty," someone else conceded.

Another man joked that "even the cockroaches won't stay there".

Someone else added that they had noticed cleanliness had "drastically dropped" in priority at all fast food chains over the past decade.

Customers defend KFC workers

One woman took aim at the customers for failing to clean up after themselves.

"I'll bet they treat their house like a tip as well," she wrote, defending the staff at the store.

"Low staff levels and a busy night... These kids get paid so little that work there, but at least they're working," she commented.

Three screen shots of dirty floors at the Albion Park KFC store
The KFC customer complained that there was food residue left on tables and drinks spilt on the floor. Source: Facebook/S. Morgan

Others also leapt to the defence of staff at the store.

"Really, do you know how hard the school kids work in fast food places for s**t money - it's school holidays at the moment so extra busy & more kids going in making a mess. Keep up the good work kids, my KFC on Friday night was hot & fresh," a woman responded.

Another added: "Omg - Those poor kids trying to earn a few dollars for s**t wages!! And then comes Karen worried about a few crumbs because they are ran off their feet and the floor slightly dirty."

Management in the firing line

Some hit out at the fast food chain for not employing enough staff.

"It's not good management," one Facebook user stated.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) signage at a Brisbane restaurant
The post sparked a debate about staffing at fast-food stores. Source: AAP

One person suggested contacting the fast-food chain and requesting there be a staff member rostered on who is dedicated to cleaning.

"The issue is staffing," she said.

One man argued the solution isn't that simple in the post-Covid world.

"The people that are saying this obviously have no idea of the pandemic which we are still currently experiencing and it is going to get worse over the next 2 months. Near impossible to employe more people when you can sit at home in your arse for $750 per week. Not to mention multiple staff members calling in sick each day with Covid."

KFC responds to messy rant

A representative of KFC soon chimed in, apologising for the woman's experience at the Albion Park restaurant.

"I have spoken to the manager currently on and they have been made aware," she commented.

She said staff take cleanliness "very seriously".

"Most of the time all employees are busy getting orders out and will go out and clean the restaurant once you have received your order," she wrote, requesting any future concerns be taken to a manager.

In a second comment she explained all staff, including managers, are under pressure on weekends.

"I assure you that the restaurant got cleaned," she wrote.

Yahoo News has contacted KFC for comment.

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