Key outcomes from national cabinet meeting

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* Pfizer vaccine available nationwide for all 40 to 49 year olds from next week

* All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged over 16 can now access vaccines

* Victorian and federal governments have concluded an MOU for a quarantine facility in Melbourne, with the Commonwealth funding construction and the state funding operations and running it

* Cost-sharing of lockdown disaster payments will be split, with the federal government paying households and the states supporting businesses

* Mandatory reporting of aged care worker vaccinations from mid-June, but expert advice sought on benefits and risks of mandatory vaccination of workers

* Next national cabinet meeting will be face-to-face in Darwin in early July

* Lieutenant General John Frewen to head the national COVID vaccination task force

* Medicare app to register COVID-19 vaccinations, but no agreement on whether states and territories can use it as a form of 'passport' for movement during lockdowns.

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