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Key moments as NSW premier and opposition leader debate

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and Opposition Leader Chris Minns faced off in an election debate in western Sydney.

* The pair met at the Daily Telegraph's Future Western Sydney lunch on Thursday, where both pitched themselves to western Sydney voters as most capable of looking after the state's budget.

* The premier attacked Labor Leader Chris Minns over recent news the party will not back two western Sydney Metro lines.

* "Labor's lack of a plan is the reason they are already cancelling Metro lines. Our responsible economic management means that we can deliver these things," Mr Perrottet said.

* Mr Minns insisted the decision was fiscally responsible, saying debt in NSW had skyrocketed to record levels.

* The state's $78 billion debt is set to rise to $116 billion by the end of the upcoming 2025-26 budget cycle.

* "You've got unsustainable budgets that need to be paid off by future generations of Australians, and I think the debt levels are just too high," Mr Minns said.

* "The premier is talking about the (Metro line) from Westmead to the aerotropolis, but the reality is, that's 20 or 30 years away."

* Mr Minns said NSW Labor had committed to servicing the new western Sydney airport with high speed buses.

* The premier said state's debt was manageable, and that his government had delivered a series of major infrastructure projects over the last 12 years.

* "There's good debt and there's bad debt," Mr Perrottet said.

* "What we need to do is continue to build infrastructure, which drives economic growth and drives jobs growth."

* With just 23 days to go until the state election, the pair took a moment to acknowledge they would likely be friends if they were not political enemies.

* "It's slightly awkward that we're trying to end each other's careers," Mr Perrottet joked.