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Key moments in the John Barilaro job inquiry saga

The appointment of former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro as the state's New York trade ambassador last year sparked a flurry of political outrage.

Nine months later, a committee investigating the appointment has delivered its final report.


* Mr Barilaro was offered the job in May last year and was due in the Big Apple in July.

* He relinquished the post just two weeks after his position was announced in June, citing intense media scrutiny.

* Days after requesting changes to how the recruitment process was conducted, Mr Barilaro retired from politics.

* Investment NSW boss Amy Brown, who oversaw the Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner roles, said a candidate was selected before Mr Barilaro's request.

* Jenny West was told she had been given the job and received a briefing note signed by then-premier Gladys Berejiklian.

* The verbal offer was withdrawn after Mr Barilaro's requested changes.

* The relationship between the candidate and Investment NSW then became "irreconcilable" and her job offer was withdrawn.

* The US trade commissioner role came with a $487,000 salary and $16,000 in cost-of-living allowances.

* Close to $1 million was spent refurbishing a section of the New York consulate for the office.

* Mr Barilaro denied any wrongdoing and said evidence given to the committee vindicated him as the best applicant for the role.

* "There's no evidence in this hearing that points to me that I did seek, sought, pressured, public servants in any way. None. Zero," Mr Barilaro said.

* "If anything you have heard from apolitical public servants who said that I was capable, and a credible candidate, that I would be good at the job."

* An interim report from the inquiry found Mr Barilaro's hiring process had all the hallmarks of a "jobs for the boys" situation.

* It was clear the hiring process was flawed and former trade minister Stuart Ayres had failed to remain at arm's length from Mr Barilaro's recruitment, the interim report found.

* The final report from the committee recommended another overseas trade commissioner, UK Agent General Stephen Cartwright, be investigated over his salary.

* After tense negotiations, Mr Cartwright eventually landed an annual pay packet of $600,000 and a $105,000 rent allowance.

* The report also accused NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet of hindering the committee's investigation, saying his refusal to help impeded its ability to determine whether he had a role in choosing the UK agent general.

* The committee said Mr Barilaro had, while still trade minister, interfered in the hiring process for the agent general role after he met with Mr Cartwright and encouraged him to apply.

* Mr Barilaro also discussed salary expectations with Mr Cartwright, inflating his expectations, the committee found.

* Both reports were dismissed as political hit jobs by three dissenting government members on the committee.

* The premier dismissed the committee's findings and denied Mr Barilaro had acted inappropriately.