Kevin Rudd reveals Queen's corgis comment

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Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's sense of fun in the wake of the British monarch's death.

Mr Rudd reflected on his multiple visits with the Queen, including one encounter featuring her beloved corgis.

"She's just a person with a great sense of fun and a sense of humour at the same time," he told the ABC on Friday.

"I certainly remember being at Buckingham Palace when (wife) Therese asked where the corgis were ... with the flash of a button was pushed and a stampede of corgis arrived in the dining room and almost wrecked the place.

"And Therese pointed out one and said, 'This one looks unlike the others', and the Queen replied, 'And her mother was a complete trollop'."

Mr Rudd praised the late monarch's dedication to her role.

"What struck me most was just her overriding commitment to the institution of the Commonwealth. It was a constant theme in her conversation. What we could do to strengthen? What we could do to improve it?" he said.

"The first thing that struck you was how much across her state papers she was. But in meeting folks like myself, she was also extraordinarily well briefed."

The former prime minister, who is in London, said the Commonwealth had suffered a great loss.

"There is a great sense of her being ... the country's ... or the Commonwealth's nanna figure," Mr Rudd said.

"That's why I think everyone feels something when we have the passing of such a significant and devoted person."