Kevin Bacon says a Footloose sequel would be "a disaster"

kevin bacon
Kevin Bacon says Footloose 2 would be "a disaster"Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Kevin Bacon doesn’t think a Footloose sequel is a good idea.

The actor, who played Ren McCormack in the film, has shut down any hopes for a sequel to the 1984 blockbuster during an episode of his podcast Six Degrees.

"Footloose 2 has been done," Bacon stated, in reference to the 2011 reboot which starred Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough.

Highlighting that the 2011 film was a reboot and not a sequel, his co-host Stacy Huston suggested Bacon should reprise his role in an updated manner, "like you are now John Lithgow."

kevin bacon
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

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"Not you’re not banning dancing," she went on to clarify. "But you’re older, you’ve raised your own, maybe your kids are in high school, right? I feel like that’s the sequel. Like, it’s your son."

Bacon appeared unconvinced by the idea, responding: "Never say never… I think it would be a disaster,"

"It’s funny, because they made countless Friday the 13ths and I was in the very first Friday the 13th. Then they remade Footloose, then they remade Flatliners, and I decided that they’re just remaking all the movies I’m in that begin with 'F'. So, if I do another movie that begins with 'F', they’ll probably make it," he noted.

Despite suggesting a Footloose sequel, Huston stated she would "start a petition" if The Breakfast Club was ever considered for a reboot. "It shouldn’t be remade,” she said, “but I feel like those are the types of movies that are on the chopping block. Someone’s gonna try to remake it."

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"It’s a funny thing with remakes because I kind of agree with you — there is something about 'Let’s just leave well enough alone,'" Bacon said.

True to his word, Bacon revealed that actually he turned down a part in the 2011 movie. "It was terrible, the part was, and I was like, 'Why would I be in this playing… It doesn’t make any sense. Like, it just doesn’t make any sense here. I’m not really understanding,'" he recalled. "So, anyway, I said no. They didn’t miss me."

Despite turning down the role, Bacon did add that he thought the dancing in the movie was "incredible" and "in a lot of ways, a lot better than we did."

Bacon will star in the upcoming horror drama series The Bondsman. The release date is yet to be announced.

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