Kendall Jenner just debuted her most overlined lip yet

kendall jenner on the red carpet in a gold dress with her hair up
Kendall Jenner debuts her most overlined lip yetRobert Smith - Getty Images

While Kylie Jenner may have blown up the lip-plumping hack, big sister Kendall Jenner is no stranger to an overlined lip, and is quite partial to the technique. From the subtlest almost undetectable approach, to faux lip-filler Bratz doll impact, Kenny gets *the most* out of trusty lip-liner. And this latest look? Exceptional.

Wearing a buttery nude lip in her latest L'Oréal Paris campaign, it may just be her most overlined look yet. Just look how juicy they look.

It's the work of Kendall's most trusted makeup artist, Mary Phillips; the pair followed the natural shape of the lip just beyond the lip line for that classic instant size boost, while making sure to keep the cupids bow defined. And it looks so good.

While the lips caught our attention first, it is in fact a mascara campaign and boy do her lashes deserve some attention. We've never noticed how long they are before. Mary shared a video of Kendall's lash routine using L'Oréal's Panorama mascara and we are solddddd.

I'm not one for using a lash curler either but after seeing Kendall's lashes here I will be digging those out of the depths of my beauty stash.

While the mascara is being swiftly added to our basket, we also have to acknowledge that Kendall's lashes are just super long. Is there any feature this girl wasn't blessed with?

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