Ken Lacey finally set to hear his fate

After two delays, former Gold Coast milk baron Ken Lacey is finally expected to be sentenced for drug supply charges.

Arrested in 2015 as part of a Crime and Corruption Commission investigation into a Queensland drug ring, Lacey pleaded guilty to five counts including supplying 12 grams of pure cocaine and possessing methamphetamine.

Facing jail time, his initial sentencing in November was delayed over fears he would be unable to access necessary treatment following shoulder surgery.

He appeared before the Southport District Court again last Friday but his sentence was postponed to Thursday due to the same issue.

The court heard paperwork related to his shoulder treatment was still to be finalised and assessed.

Lacey made his fortune securing a lucrative milk distribution route in Melbourne, before moving to the Gold Coast and investing in property and other ill-fated business ventures that included a brothel.

His sons, Jade and Dionne, are serving time for offences including the fatal shooting of Gold Coast landscaper Kevin Palmer in 2007 and the torture of a drug dealer, who was allegedly forced to dig his own grave.