Kelly Rizzo hits back at claims she moved on ‘too fast’ after Bob Saget’s death

Kelly Rizzo hits back at claims she moved on ‘too fast’ after Bob Saget’s death

Kelly Rizzo has hit back at claims that she moved on “too fast” with her new boyfriend, Breckin Meyer, after Bob Saget’s death.

The 44-year-old actor shared a video to TikTok on 11 March to address her candid take on grief and dating. Her remarks came in the midst of her new relationship, two years after her late husband’s death. On 9 January 2022, Saget was found dead in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida, with a medical report concluding that he died of accidental trauma to the head.

In her TikTok video, Rizzo responded to a fan’s comment that came to her defence, as viewers have been claiming that she’s “moved on ‘too fast’”. She noted that while she’s gotten “positive and lovely” support since Saget passed, she has been hit with unkind remarks about entering the dating scene again. She then described some of the mixed emotions she had before getting into her relationship with Meyer.

“You just don’t understand the incredibly complex and difficult and dynamic thoughts and feelings that come up during this entire process,” she said. “At some point when it crosses your mind to even think about dating again, just having those thoughts, you feel guilty. You feel ashamed. You feel horrible, but yet you also feel lonely so you want to do it.”

She also described the “support” she’s had from Saget’s family and friends, including his daughters, Aubrey, 36, Lara, 33, and Jennifer, 30, who he shared with ex-wife Sherri Kramer. Rizzo noted that while Saget’s daughters were comfortable with her dating again, it took her some time to get there herself.

“I didn’t personally get to that point until well after a year after Bob had passed to even think about it. And then I didn’t start dating until 18 months or so until Bob passed,” she continued.

Rizzo noted that although she’s been public with her boyfriend now, “well over two years’’ after Saget died, everyone moves at their own pace. While acknowledging that she’s continued to honour Saget, she also encouraged fans to avoid making assumptions about other people who enter into relationships after losing a partner.

“It’s not one size fits all, but the whole point is there is absolutely no room for judgement,” she said. “You cannot judge whether you’ve been through the same thing or not, it is not your place to judge because everyone goes through it differently. And it is very personal. And whether somebody moves on a month after or 10 months after does not diminish or take away from the love and the relationship you had with your partner.”

She went on to express how grateful she is for Meyer and his support throughout the relationship, as he knows that Saget “is always gonna be a part of [her] life”.

“I’m very fortunate that I was able to find someone who holds space for that and appreciates it and gets it, and is strong enough and confident enough to know that Bob’s always gonna be a part of my life,” Rizzo said. “He always asks questions about him and keeps him a part of the conversation. And that means so much to me.”

In February, Meyer and Rizzo made their red carpet debut at a Janie’s Fund charity event, where they were seen holding hands. In an interview with E! News at the time, the Eat Travel Rock host confessed that it took a long time for her to feel comfortable enough to date again.

“It took a while to get to the point where I’m like: ‘Okay, I think he’d be happy with it’,” she said, before adding that she’s grateful for the support of Saget’s children. “It’s wonderful, it just meant so much to have their blessing,” she added. “They’re just angels. And to have their support is so meaningful.”

Back in October 2023, Rizzo first opened up about how she felt about dating again, amid her feelings of grief. Speaking to Extra, she addressed the guilt she felt about entering into a new relationship, while joking about how her late husband would feel about her finding happiness.

​​“Now that enough time has passed, even his girls are always like: ‘That’s silly,’” she said. “‘Heavenly Bob wants you to be happy.’ Earthly Bob would’ve been like: ‘Not too happy.’”