Kelly Clarkson, Peyton Manning and Mike Tirico to Host 'Different and Unique' Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony

The medals for the 2024 Summer Olympics will have "a little piece of the Eiffel Tower in it," Tirico revealed

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Kevin Mazur/Getty; Tommaso Boddi/Getty; Dominik Bindl/Getty

Kelly Clarkson, Peyton Manning and Mike Tirico will be carrying out an important task this summer.

The trio appeared on The Tonight Show to announce that they will be hosting the opening ceremony for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris on July 26.

“It’s an honor to be able to announce for the first time anywhere that this year at the Summer Olympics in Paris, the opening ceremony will be hosted by yours truly, Peyton Manning and Kelly Clarkson,” Tirico said.

Tirico also brought the gold medals for host Jimmy Fallon to take a look at and noted that “each one has a little piece of the Eiffel Tower in it.” He added, “So if you win a medal, not only do you get your gold, silver or bronze, you get a piece of the Eiffel Tower to take with you for life.”

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“You guys are all so accomplished in your own right,” Fallon told them. “I was going to ask you, if you were ever going to win a gold medal in anything else but something you’ve won an award in, what would it be?”

“Event planning,” Manning said. “It’s kind of my true calling. I’m planning a birthday in December. I’ve already told my friends what to wear. What time to be there. When they should shower the night before…  I think I would take gold in event planning.”

Tirico added that he would take gold in travel planning. “If you want to travel and get to an airport, that’s what I do half the year,” the sports journalist shared. “Like I’m the guy who’s packed the night before. The bag is ready to go.”

<p>NBC</p> Kelly Clarkson, Peyton Manning and Mike Tirico Will Host Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony.


Kelly Clarkson, Peyton Manning and Mike Tirico Will Host Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony.

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As for Clarkson, she described herself as the “Simone Biles of Legos.” She added, “I am incredible at Legos. You should see my house. It’s weird. I’m an adult, but it’s weird. I do it with my son, mostly.”

Fallon then asked the trio if they knew any French, prompting Manning to reveal he knew a little bit of the language. He noted that the trip was a big one for not just him, but his mother as well.

“I took a little French in high school and I told my mother I would take her to Paris one day,” he said. “30 years to the time I graduated, I’m taking my mom to Paris for the Olympics. I’m taking her.”

When Fallon asked Tirico if there's anything in particular that they should watch out for this Olympics, he noted that the the opening ceremony is going to be much different than people expect.

"The opening ceremony is going to be so different and unique," Tirico said. "Down the Seine, down the river with the athletes on a boat. So it’s not the stadium where they walk in. It’ll incorporate Paris."

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The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics begin on July 26.

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