Keke Palmer shares ‘I love you’ message to Darius Jackson after social media fallout

Keke Palmer has shared a public message of appreciation for her son’s father, Darius Jackson.

The Nope star celebrated her 30th birthday last week (26 August).

Jackson, who shares a six-month-old son Leodis with the actor, shared a video of her kissing their child. He added in the caption: “Happy Birthday to a one of a kind being. Hoping your thirties bring you many joys and triumphs!”

He also took Palmer out for drinks to ring in her new age and shared their outing on Instagram Live.

On Monday (28 August), Palmer reposted Jackson’s message on Twitter/X, and added her own note of thanks.

“I love you and Leo!” she wrote. “And thank you to everyone for all the birthday love. It’s so hard to reply to everyone but I am so grateful to you all.”

Their public displays of affection follow several weeks of speculation over their relationship status, which began after Jackson publicly criticised Palmer’s outfit choice for an Usher concert.

Commenting on pictures of Palmer in a black sheer dress, Jackson wrote: “It’s the outfit tho [sic]... you a mom.”

Though he was quickly criticised by Palmer’s fans for his remarks, Jackson later doubled down on his opinion, writing: “We live in a generation where the man of the family doesn’t want the wife and mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others and he gets told how much of a hater he is.

“This is my family and my representation. I have standards and morals to [sic] what I believe. I rest my case.”

Though Palmer didn’t directly respond to Jackson’s words, nor the online furore that surrounded it, she spoke about her newfound confidence after becoming a mother in an interview with The Cut.

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson and their son, Leo (Getty Images)
Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson and their son, Leo (Getty Images)

As well as this, she made a guest appearance in Usher’s music video for his song, “Girlfriend”, which included a clear nod to Jackson’s “mom” comment.

In the video, Palmer spends a night dancing and partying, before ending up sprawled in bed, tired from her exciting events.

“S***, I’m so tired – I’m a mother, after all,” she says, winking at the camera.

In response to Palmer’s online declaration of love for Jackson, some fans have commended their united front and supposed reunion, after reports that they’d ended their romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, others have noted this as an amusing reminder not to make assumptions about the relationships of others. “I hope this will teach people to only mind the business that pay them,” reads one comment, with a laughing face emoji.