Keanu Reeves inspired the name of a new 'extremely deadly' fungicide: 'Thanks, scientist people!'

Keanu Reeves promotes
Keanu Reeves promotes John Wick: Chapter 4 at Cineworld Leicester Square on March 6 in London. (Photo: Jeff Spicer/WireImage)

Just when you thought actor Keanu Reeves, he of not only action movies like John Wick, The Matrix and Point Break, but also romantic comedies such as Something's Gotta Give and Always Be My Maybe, had hit his limit of being delightful, he goes and does this.

Over the weekend, he had a funny reaction to the news that German scientists have named newly discovered compounds after him, because they're so effective at killing: "Hi, thank you," Reeves wrote on Reddit, via the Lionsgate account, during a AMA event. "They should've called it John Wick…but that's pretty cool…and surreal for me. But thanks, scientist people! Good luck, and thank you for helping us."

As many people noted on social media, it is a statement that can only be read in the voice of his Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure character, Ted.

The "help" Reeves referred to is what the compound — keanumycins — can potentially do. Experts are optimistic that it will be able to destroy fungus in crops and fungal infections in people, which is huge.

"The lipopeptides kill so efficiently," Sebastian Götze, the lead author of the study explaining the molecule told, "that we named them after Keanu Reeves, because he, too, is extremely deadly in his roles."

Reeves was also asked during the event whether he had ever regretted turning down a role.

He responded that he did not. However, he added, "but I did always want to play Wolverine."

There was some of the kindness we're used to seeing from the actor, too.

For instance, at one point, he responded to a question about the first pet he had ever had: a guinea pig named Carrot when he was 5 or 6. "He was a sweetie-pie," Reeves wrote.

When he was asked what drives him to be so compassionate, he had a simple answer: "We die…and we all need all the help we can get."

Reeves will be back on movie screens Friday, when John Wick: Chapter 4 arrives in theaters.