Man thrown into water off Qld coast after huge tiger shark bites down on kayak

A kayaker has been sent flying after a four-metre tiger shark rammed and then sank its teeth into his tiny craft on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The man, aged in his 30s, was fishing from his kayak off Moffat Beach on Thursday morning when he was flung into the water, surfacing to find the shark with its jaws still clamped around one end.

The man managed to right his craft, which was upside down, allowing him to climb back on but he was in a perilous situation, with the kayak taking on water and the shark circling nearby.

Two jet skiers brought the shocked paddler back to shore, about 45 minutes after he called for help.

A jet ski unit was dispatched to bring the kayaker back to shore. Image: 7 News

Rescuers believe he only lived to tell his tale because he had a radio with him and was able to contact the Coast Guard for help.

“He was having a paddle out to sea, and fishing, and yeah unfortunately out of the blue a shark has just attacked his kayak and latched onto it, throwing him out,” one of the rescuers, Jacob Thomson from Surf Life Saving Queensland said.

“The shark still had its jaw on his kayak, which was upside down. But he’s managed to flip it and at some point the shark has let go.

“But it was starting to sink, there was only small pocket of air holding it afloat. The shark continued to circle him for some time until we got there.”

The abandoned kayak was found floating in the ocean before being collected by water police. Image: 7 News

A Surf Live Saving Queensland spokesman told Yahoo7 News the shark “had another chomp at it, not missing the patient by much”.

Paramedics assessed the man once back on solid ground, who remarkably had no injuries, however a Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman told Yahoo7 News that the patient appeared to be suffering from shock.

She said he was treated at the scene but opted to go home following the ordeal.

Seven News footage shows the abandoned kayak floating off the coast before it was later collected by water police.

The man was flung into the water when the shark hit and then bit his kayak. Image: 7 News