Kathy Griffin tells fans her second vocal cord surgery ‘went well’

Kathy Griffin’s second vocal cord surgery ‘went well’ credit:Bang Showbiz
Kathy Griffin’s second vocal cord surgery ‘went well’ credit:Bang Showbiz

Kathy Griffin’s second vocal cord surgery “went well”.

The comic and ‘View’ co-host, 63, has undergone the procedures after part of her lung was removed in 2021 following a cancer diagnosis, and has now updated fans about her latest operation by posting an image of a lesion on the front of her neck covered by a bandage.

She captioned the post: “Vocal cord surgery went well. (Praying hands emoji.) “As you can see some scarring and swelling. It will be worth it if I get some of my voice back. (Three praying hands emojis.)”

Before she got her second throat surgery, Kathy posted a video online in which she admitted she was “a little nervous” to go under the knife.

She added: “I’m just hopping on here to say that I’m having surgery tomorrow morning bright and early, and I’m getting an implant in my left vocal cord, which was left permanently paralysed during my lung cancer surgery where they took out half my left lung.”

She added she discovered she had a “tear” above her vocal cords that caused her voice to go into a “higher pitch”.

Kathy said: “I’m never nervous before surgery, and I’ve had quite a few, but I am a little nervous about this one, because it’s my voice, and I’ve already gone through it once with the voice problems, so anyway, wish me luck.”

The comedian also told her fans she won’t be able to speak “at all” for two weeks.

Kathy also shared graphic images of her vocal cords before her first throat surgery.

By November 2021 she announced she was in remission from cancer.

She has since continued her comedy career and toured across the US.

The comic has also been dealing with the fallout from the collapsed of her marriage to 45-year-old Randy Bick.

She filed for divorce from him after nearly four years of marriage and has since declared she is keeping her mind focused on work to keep her mind off the trauma of their split.