Katherine Ryan admits she wasn’t the "best fit" for Celebrity Gogglebox

katherine ryan
Katherine Ryan talks Celebrity Gogglebox stintNetflix

Katherine Ryan might be known for making audiences laugh, but the comedian has admitted she might not have been the "best fit" on Celebrity Gogglebox.

The star appeared on the Channel 4 show for its fifth series last year, sitting alongside partner Bobby Kootstra as the pair gorged on some television.

Despite professing her gratitude for the opportunity, Ryan revealed to The Sun that the duo haven't been asked back on the show, explaining that they might not be a natural fit for the programme.

katherine ryan and bobby kootstra
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"I loved working with Bobby," she began. "I like people getting to know Bobby a little bit more (as he) comes out of his shell. He's really, really funny."

She continued: "I'm not sure that we were the best fit for Celebrity Gogglebox," adding, "We haven't been asked back so far, but that's okay. Like I'm not right for everything. I loved the opportunity because it's a show that we watch...

"But I'm wondering how I can be funnier. You know, I'm not going to lie and pretend I didn't notice that I'm on it for like five seconds. It's alright, it's okay to like to participate and be on something for five seconds.

"I'm not as funny as Roman and Martin Kemp, I'm maybe not as funny as Rylan [Clark] and his mum."

katherine ryan

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Whilst Ryan might not be coming back to the Gogglebox sofa, the show recently returned to the small screen for its regular series, with Jenny Newby and Lee Riley comparing their relationship to the one at the centre of One Day.

"There's a lot of relationships, Lee, that'll have been like this," remarked Jenny, with Lee adding: "What, friends for years and years? I don't wanna shag you," before Jenny quipped: "Well no, that's because you're not made that way. Are you?"

Gogglebox airs on Fridays on Channel 4.

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