Kate and Oliver Hudson Share Kurt Russell’s Run-ins with O.J. Simpson, Ted Bundy and Manson Family

The siblings spoke about their stepfather on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Monday

<p>Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Eric Charbonneau/Getty</p> Oliver and Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell

Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Eric Charbonneau/Getty

Oliver and Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell has a strange history with some of America's most infamous people.

“He always finds himself in some sort of scenario,” Kate Hudson, 44, revealed about the 72-year-old actor on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday.

“He’s always crossing paths somehow with, uh, killers, like, serial killers,” her brother Oliver Hudson, 47, added as Kate laughed.

“Actually, he was on camera when O.J. Simpson drove into his house,” he continued about the aftermath of O.J. Simpson’s famous police chase in 1994.

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“He was in the driveway. You could see him on, like, KTLA, like, ‘huh?’ my dad. I was like, ‘What is he doing there?’ ” said Oliver.

“He was talking to Shaprio,” Kate explained. “We were at a friend’s house watching the NBA finals, who lived right down the street from O.J. Simpson at the time, and it was the big chase. And … O.J. was on the 405 [freeway] and Kurt all of sudden just went, ‘Oh, he’s going home.’ ”

“Next thing you know, he gets in the car and he leaves,” Kate continued. “And he goes to O.J.’s house … I don’t know why! Just to see what happened, you know. And we’re all like, ‘Where are you going?’ He’s like, ‘I’ll be right back.’ And then he goes with his friend.”

<p>ABC/Youtube</p> Oliver and Kate Hudson addressed Kurt Russell's unusual run-ins on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


Oliver and Kate Hudson addressed Kurt Russell's unusual run-ins on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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“... Literally, we’re watching the news because we’re watching the NBA finals, it was interrupted — and we saw our dad, like, on television. Like behind the caution tape … it was so …,” the actress showed her disbelief at the story.

Simpson was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in October 1995. In February 1997, however, he was deemed liable for their deaths in a civil case brought by the victims' families.

On Sept. 16, 2007, he was arrested for kidnapping and armed robbery in Las Vegas and served nine years in prison.

Russell is married to Oliver and Kate's mother Goldie Hawn
Russell is married to Oliver and Kate's mother Goldie Hawn

Along with Simpson, Oliver shared on the show that Russell, who is married to their mother Goldie Hawn, supposedly also had run-ins with serial killer Ted Bundy, and “beat up” Charlie Manson’s accomplice, Tex Watson — though Kate added that she “might not believe either of these stories.”

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“Ted Bundy escaped from Pitkin county jail which was in Colorado, [Rusell]’s living there at the time,” Oliver explained on the show. “... This is a crazy story. Kurt was camping, he had his plate of food, went to get a beer or something, comes back and his plate of food is gone."

"Ted Bundy then gets caught and recounts how he survived after escaping and he said he found a guy camping in the woods with his friends, he leaves the thing and he go grabs and eats his food.”

“Oh my god!” host Jimmy Kimmel responded. “Not only is he a murderer, he's a thief!”

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