The most awkward guest at the state banquet wasn't Trump

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There was an awkward guest in attendance on Monday night, and it wasn't President Trump. Photo: Getty Images

Things were bound to be tense at the royal banquet that marked the first evening of President Trump’s state visit, but there is one whispered rivalry that no one expected to rear its head.

Kate’s friend, or former-friend if you believe the rumours, Rose Cholmondeley has been conspicuously absent from royal events of late.

Yet who should waltz into the year’s most high-profile royal banquet but the woman the magazines have dubbed Kate’s ‘rural rival’.

Rose Hanbury was spotted arriving to the state banquet, but wasn't seen with former friend Kate. Photo: Getty Images

The former model was photographed arriving to the banquet, dazzling in a plunging white gown.

Interestingly she wore the same colour as Kate, who attended the white-tie event in a feathery Alexander McQueen gown, complimented by her famous Lover’s Knot tiara.

Kate also wore a white gown to the event, but accessorised with the Lover's Knot tiara. Photo: Getty Images

The pair were not photographed together on the night, with Rose arriving after the Duchess and seated at a seperate table.

Rose entered the ballroom after her husband David, the Marquess of Cholmondely, who was front and centre of the evening’s events, arriving ahead of Ivanka Trump.

Rose's husband David plays a pivotal role in many royal events, and even entered the banquet ahead of Ivanka Trump. Photo: Getty Images

The Marquess, and by extension his wife, has a unique position of proximity to the royal family thanks to his title, and has regularly been spotted as part of official events.

He is also a firm friend of the Middletons, pictured out and about with Kate’s mother and siblings.

Rose's husband David Cholmondeley is a friend of Kate Middleton's family, seen here with her mother Carole. Photo: Getty Images

It was once believed that Rose and David were close friends of William and Kate, and made up part of the ‘Turnip Toff’ set the young royals ran with.

The couples were spotted together on a number of occasions and appeared to enjoy each other’s company, going far beyond mere acquaintances thanks to their respective royal duties.

The couple were once spotted out and about enjoying each others company.
The two women were once firm friends. Photo: Getty Images

In March however, The Sun published a piece detailing a falling out between Kate and Rose.

According to the story, the Duchess of Cambridge ordered her husband to ‘phase out’ Rose, whom she allegedly refers to as her ‘rural rival.’

As the wife of David, Rose’s rank may permit her invitations to royal events, but it doesn’t guarantee a warm reception.

Rumours later swirled of a rift between the two women. Photo: Getty Images

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