Kate making 'progress' and King honours Alan Bates

The headline on the front page of the Daily Telegraph reads: "Princess to take first step back to public life"
The headline on the front page of the Times reads: "Princess reveals toll of cancer treatment"
The headline on the front page of the Daily Express reads: "Kate: I'm not out of the woods yet..."
The Daily Express reports that, "with remarkable candour and a deeply held sense of purpose the Princess of Wales reveals she has 'good and bad days'" while under-going chemotherapy for cancer. [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Daily Mirror reads: "There are good days and bad days"
The Daily Mirror joins several other papers in reporting "Kate's message" to the nation, saying the Princess of Wales will be at Trooping the Colour on Saturday, taking on a public duty for the first time since she told of her cancer in March. [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Daily Mail reads: "Kate: There are good days and bad days... but I am making good progress"
The Daily Mail also leads with news from the Princess of Wales, who said her treatment is ongoing after her cancer diagnosis but that she will attend Saturday's Trooping the Colour. The paper also leads with a tribute to Dr Michael Mosley, "the health guru the world loved". [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Guardian reads: "Tory leadership hopefuls jostle to replace Sunak"
The headline on the front page of the i Newspaper reads: "Tories face growing peril from Farage"
The i reports that nearly half of Conservative voters "want an alliance with Nigel Farage's Reform party", according to a poll conducted by the paper. It also says that Sir Alan Bates, the sub-postmaster "knighted for his justice battles", told the paper he "considered turning it down". [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Financial Times reads: "Consultants face £3bn hit after poll"
The Financial Times reports that consulting firms "face losing billions of pounds of government work" after the Conservatives and Labour both pledged to halve spending on external advisers. The paper says that use of consultants since the last election has risen to "record levels", driven by emergency schemes during the pandemic. [BBC]
The headline in the Daily Star reads: "The ice age cometh"
And the Daily Star reports that people are "getting out the hot-water bottles and turning the heating on as temperatures drop to 7C". [BBC]

A newly-released photo of the Princess of Wales features on the front pages of the Times, the Mirror, the Sun, the Express and the Mail.

They all quote extensively from her statement in which she says she is making good progress after her cancer diagnosis.

The Sun's editorial praises her "refreshing frankness" and says "it will be great to see you again".

The Mirror says the princess has "given comfort to other people with serious illnesses by being candid about her condition".

The Guardian reports that jockeying to succeed Rishi Sunak has begun within the Conservative party because of fears it is failing to close the gap with Labour ahead of the election. Potential candidates have been sounding out their colleagues, and, the paper says, "lining up their leadership teams".

The former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has given an interview to the Telegraph, in which she says she made suggestions to tackle illegal migration which were blocked by Mr Sunak.

She claims the Tories would be polling 15 points higher if they had cut taxes and migration.

The i features a poll which suggests almost half of Conservative supporters want an alliance with Reform UK.

But the Times carries an interview with the Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron who says the "inflammatory language" and what he calls "dog whistle politics" of Nigel Farage should be rejected. The former prime minister insists the Tories can still win the election.

Rishi Sunak has told the Daily Express he will serve a full term as MP for Richmond and Northallerton - assuming he wins his seat - regardless of the result of the general election.

The i also reports that the Sun and the Times, newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch, are poised to back Labour at the election - although there is "feverish debate" at the titles.

The i has based its story on Conversations with an insider. It says whilst there is only lukewarm enthusiasm for Labour's policies, the source said "we back winners". The i says that News UK, which runs the Sun and the Times, declined to comment.

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The i says three Household Cavalry horses, which were injured after bolting through central London in April, have recovered and will take part in the Trooping the Colour parade. Photographs of the injured horses running through Belgravia were prominently published at the time of the incident.

The Times reports that police in the city of Gelsenkirchen, which hosts England's match against Serbia on Sunday night, are urging fans to smoke cannabis instead of drinking alcohol before the game.

Marijuana was legalised in the country on 1 April, and a raft of measures - including only serving weak beer - have been brought in to reduce the likelihood of violence between fans. "Smoking cannabis puts people in a chill mood," the police spokesman Stephan Knipp is quoted as saying.

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