Radio host Kate Langbroek's husband sued for breaking lockdown laws

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When Kate Langbroek moved from Melbourne to Bologna in Italy at the beginning of 2019, she could never have imagined one day she’d be in lockdown in her apartment during a pandemic.

But that’s the reality for the former Hiit network presenter, her husband Peter and their four children, as they’ve now been in a country-wide lockdown for the past month as the coronavirus sweeps through the nation.

Kate Lagebroek and her husband Peter
Kate Langebroek's husband, Peter, is being sued for breaking lockdown laws. Photo: Instagram/Kate Lagebroek

Now, to make matters worse, Kate has revealed that her husband is being sued by the City of Bologna for breaking rules the city put in place.

“Initially you were allowed to go out to exercise, which I would never do,” Kate joked when she called in to Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning this morning.

“Peter, my husband, actually got stopped by the police three weeks ago at like seven o'clock in the morning on a Sunday and they changed the rules the night before,” she continued.

Kate Langebroek adn her family in Bologna at the dinner table
The radio host and her family have been in lockdown in Bologna for the past month. Photo: Instagram/Kate Langebroek

“It was pretty intense, he’s being sued by the City of Bologna and they said to him: ‘have you got a lawyer’ and he was like ‘wow this is not just like a fine’.”

Kate said she’s probably left the house about five times in the past month and has been homeschooling her kids for six weeks now.

“I’m far less filled with maternal rage than I have been before. it’s like the stages of grief you move into acceptance and then you move into exhaustion. But there’s no point in resisting because this is just the way it is,” she said.

On March 10th, Kate appeared on The Project, where she revealed what it was like living in Italy’s country-wide lockdown.

“You can leave the house. Outside the supermarket’s normal, the market’s normal, it’s all very quiet, there’s food on the shelves, there’s no one panicking,” she told the program.

Kate Lagebroek's family about to get on a plane to Italy
Kate and her family moved to Bologna at the beginning of 2019. Photo: Instagram/Kate Lagebroek

“I still haven’t seen anyone, except tourists, wearing masks.”

Kate said her family are close to a ‘hospital hub’ and if needed they would have access to ‘brilliant health services’.

“You just have to have faith in the systems, which is not always easy to do in Italy, because they’re also renowned for having complicated bureaucracy. But they’re very educated, civilised, decent, warm, clever people

Then, on March 26th, Kate appeared on The Project again, where she said she believes it would be ‘more terrifying’ to be in Australia than Italy at the moment.
“It's more terrifying to be where you are, where you can see the wave coming,” she told host Georgie Coghlan.

“We were just thrust into it. We didn't have time to even register much.”

She went on to clarify that it is ‘doable’, though not ideal.

“It’s eminently doable, [but] it’s not ideal,” she said. “It really makes you appreciate the freedoms and the beauty of a normal life, even things that used to irritate you.”

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