Kate Hudson wants to reunite with Almost Famous co-star

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Kate Hudson wants to reunite with co-starGetty Images

After recently launching her music career, Kate Hudson has shared hopes for a musical reunion with her Almost Famous co-star.

Released over two decades ago, Almost Famous saw Hudson's character Penny Lane follow rock band Stillwater across the US as a "band aid" – not a groupie. Billy Crudup played lead guitarist Russell Hammond in the movie, and this time Hudson wants him to be up on stage with her.

Speaking with PEOPLE, the actor and singer revealed that she wanted to invite Crudup to perform as she thinks the fans would enjoy seeing him play.

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"I was just thinking, 'Billy still plays guitar.' I was like, 'I'm going to get him on stage. I'm going to make him do this,'" Hudson mused. "I was thinking, 'Wouldn't that be so fun for Billy to actually play guitar?' I feel like an audience would love, would freak out."

The Glass Onion star signed a deal with Virgin Music Group earlier this year and recently released her debut album Glorious. Reflecting on Almost Famous and its musical influence, she said: "That movie is one of the great music movies of all time. And everybody in that film loved music."

She praised the movie's writer and director Cameron Crowe for exposing her to "all this great music that I'd never heard".

kate hudson, almost famous

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"I think Cameron connected with the fact that I loved music and saw that in me, but he really blew the lid open for so much music for me at that age [19]," she shared. "And I just got so immersed in it during that time. It was really special."

She added: "I'm so grateful to him because that was the beginning of everything for me."

Hudson also revealed that she loves reading Instagram responses to her music, recalling how a comment linking back to her Penny Lane character made me her laugh. "It makes me happy that people connect to that and then are enjoying that I'm making music. That's so nice."

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