Kastuś Kalinoŭski regiment may enter Belarus if ‘Lukashenko crosses red line,’ says United Transitional Cabine

Fighters of the Kastuś Kalinoŭski regiment
Fighters of the Kastuś Kalinoŭski regiment

“Appropriate conditions are necessary” for the Kastuś Kalinoŭski regiment to enter Belarus, the deputy head of the Belarusian United Transitional Cabinet, Pavel Latushko, said in an interview with Radio NV on March 12.

“The conditions are Lukashenko’s participation in a ground operation on the territory of Ukraine by the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus,” he said.

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“Lukashenko is the aggressor, we understand that, but he is not directly involved in the war. In this regard, there are probably no legal or other grounds for the Belarusian soldiers of the Kalinoŭski regiment to enter the territory of Belarus.”

At present, the regiment is a part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and under its command. If it crosses the border with Belarus, Lukashenko’s regime will consider it an act of aggression, “which may provoke some actions on his part.”

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“At the same time, if Lukashenko crosses this red line, I think there will be no obstacles for the Belarusian heroes of the Kalinoŭski regiment to enter the territory of Belarus. This option is also possible if they leave the Ukrainian Armed Forces, become a volunteer unit and enter the territory of Belarus to liberate it. For example, in case of Lukashenko’s death, in case of destabilization of the situation in Belarus.”

On Feb. 22, the monitoring group Belaruski Hajun reported that Belarus would hold joint military exercises with Russia on its territory in 2025.

In December 2023, the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev, stated that the border with Belarus is currently calm, but the situation could change at any moment.

On June 24, 2023, during the rebellion of PMC leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, the commander of the Kastus Kalinoŭski Regiment, Denis Prokhorov, addressed the Belarusian people, calling on citizens to be ready to liberate Belarus from dictatorship and occupation.

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