Karl Stefanovic roasts Allison Langdon for her dreadful singing live on air

Karl Stefanovic stormed off the set of the Today show on Wednesday, after his co-host Allison Langdon made fun of his age and weight.

Luckily for him, his co-host provided the perfect opportunity for him to strike back on Thursday.

Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic pictured on the set of the Today show
Allison Langdon has a long running joke that she's a great singer. Photo: Nine

While discussing Mariah Carey’s new singing lessons on online education website MasterClass, Brooke Boney said that it would be a gift for Allison Langdon.

The host immediately got defensive, with a snarky comment about how great her singing voice is.

“I don’t even get what you’re suggesting, why on earth would I need singing lessons?”, she said.

Reporter Brooke was put on the spot, and suggested Allison give the viewers a singing demonstration with her “beautiful voice”.

Allison immediately launched into a screechy, off-key rendition of Mariah Carey’s 1995 hit single Fantasy.

Karl Stefanovic makes a cringing face as Allison Langdon sings a Mariah Carey song
Karl Stefanovic cringed during Allison Langdon's best Mariah Carey rendition Photo: Nine

Very aware that she’s no Mariah Carey, Allison laughed it off and said, “I mean, you can’t hit those high notes.”

“Actually I take it back, you don’t need them”, Brooke joked back.

Karl Stefanovic visibly cringed at Allison’s singing, so he shut the conversation down.

“From all of us here at Today, happy Easter,”


This comes one day after Karl Stefanovic stormed off set due to being hurt by Allison Langdon’s ‘fat’ remarks on Wednesday.

While chatting about the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the co-hosts mentioned that sister Christi Dembrowski testified, stating the ex-wife called Depp ‘old and fat’.

Karl Stefanovic dramatically left the set of the Today show on Wednesday. Photo: Nine
Karl Stefanovic dramatically left the set of the Today show on Wednesday. Photo: Nine

Karl, 47, lamented when he heard this, saying, “Being called a fat old man is like…I mean, having been there myself.” His co-host Allison Langdon was quick to reassure Karl by blurting out, “You’re not old!”.

After a pause, Ally added, “...or fat! I said all of them, old or fat!”.

Ally’s correction came too late as Karl was already storming off set, yelling at everybody, “Fat-shaming! She’s fat-shaming again Australia! I’m going on a diet.”

Ally, 42, was left alone on the couch in disbelief, retorting, “I was paying you a compliment!”

Karl declared, “I really try, my feelings get hurt.”

Soon after the drama had unfolded, Karl was shown pretending to cry against one of the studio walls, confirming it was all in jest.

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