Karl shocks in baffling first interview after welcoming baby girl

Karl Stefanovic has seemingly gone rogue with his first public appearance after welcoming his "beautiful baby girl" Harper May on Friday just after midday at the North Shore Private Hospital with wife Jasmine Yarborough.

The host has been absent from his role on Today as he and Jasmine settle into their new, and returning, lives as parents to a newborn, but that didn’t stop Karl from making a very cheeky, and very odd appearance online.

Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarborough welcomed a new bub Harper May on Friday May 1
Karl and Jasmine welcomed a new bub on Friday May 1. Photo: Getty Images

The first glimpse of the dad was in a surprise appearance on an Instagram live with Aussie comedy account Brown Cardigan on Friday evening, the segment called Fireball Whisky x Brown Cardigan Live At Club Dunni.

Brown Cardigan is a meme and comedy account that has been live-streaming a series of chaotic interviews, skits and content to their 840k followers.

The very Aussie account pushes the envelope with language and explicit content, and was deleted at one point in 2019 for violating the app’s standards.

In fact, they have around 600k more followers than Karl who boasts just 250,000, meaning the odd interview may have had more viewers than any social media the Today host has done to date.

Fireball and F-bombs in first post-birth interview

Brown Cardigan instagram host Danny and Karl Stefanovic with a table of Fireball Whiskey appear on Instagram live after birth of Harper May
Karl appeared in a live stream with Instagram comedy account Brown Cardigan Photo: Instagram/ browncardigan

At first an explicit-laced affair, host Danny told Karl he was ‘f**ked’ almost straight off the bat, after Karl jokingly asked why he was so sweaty, but Karl cut the cussing straight away.

“My daughter is here, and my sister in law - keep the language down!” Karl told them, panning the camera to reveal teenager Ava, and sister Elisa in the kitchen.

The host then showed off a collection of Fireball whiskey to the camera, and was even persuaded to take a shot live on camera.

He admitted he had gone rogue with the appearance, telling the camera he had not been approved by his network before jumping online.

Karl Stefanovic made his fist appearance after the birth fo Harper May on Brown Cardigan Instagram account live video. Photo: Instagram/ browncardigan
Karl took a shot on camera, saying he 'hadn't cleared it' with Channel Nine. Photo: Instagram/ browncardigan

“I haven't cleared this with Vic [his publicist] at Channel Nine and she'll probably get very angry, but I'll have a shot with you,” Karl joked before knocking back a shot of the whiskey.

Karl was recently reinstated as Today’s host after being axed in 2018.

A series of technical difficulties meant little was said about his most recent arrival, beyond admitting he had had a ‘big week’, though he went into detail about his infamous Today Show appearance following the 2009 Logies.

Fans were baffled by the appearance, many labelling it ‘very awkward’ on Twitter.

Karl and Jasmine welcome baby girl

Karl announced the arrival of may Harper on Instagram with an adorable snap of his new daughter.

“Harper May may your life be filled with as much love as I feel,” he captioned the heartwarming snap.

“My children. My family. My wife. My life.”

Officially the announcement was made on the Today Show by host Richard Wilkins who ha=ppily reported the little family were doing well.

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